CMS, API, MVC, Linux OS and more..

Multiple Versions for common Needs

Helping Cyber Net Security & Peace of Mind for You, your Family and your business

About DevWorks OSI

Providing quality products and services to a global stage in an ever evolving cyber world. From a multi dimentional API to monitoring your networks security, we here at DevWorks have you covered

  • Application Programming Interace (API)
  • Micro Content Management System (Micro-CMS)
  • DW Minimal Linux OS
  • Home Network Managed Cyber Security Service
  • Small Business Managed Cyber Security Services
  • Custom Development & Support

What we Do


Providing access to our multi layered API for multiple purposes thus enhancing and streamlining your website and its shop.

Cyber Security

Your home or small business network at the perimeter, meaning between your modem and the rest of your internal network. Also known as the Red Zone.


Building and Managing the Micro-CMS for any type of Business, or Organization with updates, upgrades and features.


Model, View, Controller. A Very simple MVC to run any kind of website.


(Global Support)
Supporting the Blockchain for Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash.

Custom Development

HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, JS, we can cover it. Your idea to code.

Faq Question

The API is to be a robust, mutlti functional interface for businesses and developers.

A Content Management System with a very minimal footprint that comes with its own setup process.

The DW Minimal Linux Operating System will come stock with Common Graphics, Network, Security Tools and specifics for certian builds.

Like our OS Project, this is also a work in progress with the begining already established and included in a Specific Build of the OS Project.

Supporting the Major Blockchains by providing nodes for each and mining to facilitate operations. Thus keeping over all cost to a minimum.


Our projects are vast and cumbersome but achievable in time. We work by precedence and focus on one at a time.

As each project nears completion, it is announced and its product or service is then offered..


No matter what model is used in the planning process, each project is planned right down to the very last letter and that plan is followed until completion.

Plans do change, but each project has its own flow.


When a Product or Service has achieved success, it is offered here on DevWorks.

Success means updates, new products and services for you, our customers.

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Call: +1 603 832 4005
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Location: 21 Farraville Road
Belmont NH 03220, USA

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