Investor Relations

Next Generation Business, your Next Project

Investor Relations

A Next Generation business could be your next project

We are seeking to develop a Green Data Center to facilitate Our Firewall Project, Mining Efforts and Installation and Support Operations. With that we need to procure a facility somewhere in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire that is big enough for 4 seperate secure areas.

This business is owned and operated by a US Army Veteran with the intent on hiring Veterans and put people to work to build a cohesive team of people with a passion for Cyber Security and Blockchain Technology.

The owner of DevWorks OSI is a Crypto Currency Enthusiast and understands how a business can be funded via the block chain.

That is why we are looking to build a mining center within the Data Center to mine the Various coins and tokens mentioned, then use them as a means to financially support the business and pay back any investments.

"Investors are a priority with 50% of all mined proceeds going directly to the investor, the remaining 50% back will go back into the company itself."

A Facility near a moving body of water would be ideal as Hydro Power would be a prefered method of powering the Facility. Thus keeping it Green in nature. The Carbon Footprint needs to be absolutely minimal.

The Creation of a X11 or SHA256 Coin and it's own Blockchain is under consideration as well as a ERC-20 Standard Coin on the Ethereum Blockchain as a means to facilitate the company and end-user services.
Should we choose to utilize the Ethereum route, we will look into a De Centralized Business Model.

If any of these concepts interest you as an investor, then your approach is welcome, please send an email to the owner directly HERE.