The DW Micro Content Management System

The Micro-CMS

The DW Micro-CMS is a very small Content Management System that is created with the blogger and small business in mind. When it was originally created, its purpose was a learning tool for the creator, but after months of trial and error, it became a full fledged CMS with a very small footprint.

After you upload the Micro-CMS and create your database, you point your browser to the INSTALL directory. The instructions provided will walk you through entering your database credentials, installing the base SQL, then selecting your Time Zone for your site. Delete the INSTALL folder, then login to your site. From there you simply click Manage, then Settings, and set your site up. Once you click save, your site becomes yours.

The Management inteface comes stock with every function needed to manage your site. Blocks, Modules, Settings, News, Blogs and much more..

At the top of the Management area you will see the Current Version and the Micro-CMS status. If we update, you will know, cause it will tell you that you need to update to the latest version. This can be ignored of course, but we strongly recommend against it.


  1. Core CMS
  2. Core Modules
  3. Core Plugins
  4. Core Templates
  5. Shopping Cart Module
  6. Braintree Module
  7. Paypal Module
  8. Free Upgrades
  9. Paid Support


  1. Core CMS
  2. Core Modules,Plugins and Templates
  3. Shopping Cart Module
  4. Braintree Module
  5. Paypal Module
  6. Free Upgrades
  7. Unlimited Support
  8. Payment online
  9. Cash back

* All Paid support products incure a $50 USD charge per support request.